Nerine Martini

Public Artworks, Blacktown 2010, plaque
Public Artworks, Blacktown

Warami Ngallawah Mittigar

In 2008 I was commissioned by Blacktown City Council to be the Public Art Planner to coordinate and create the artworks for the Blacktown Village Green. This project began with research undertaken in collaboration with indigenous writer, Jacinta Tobin. I was then engaged to develop the concepts and collaborate with two other artists to create a number of artworks integrated into the site, employing different materials and techniques.

I was inspired by the wetlands surrounding Blacktown. The 15 bronze sculptures (each up to 2.10 meters high), based on the wetlands plants, eleocharis sphacelata ("tall spike rush") are installed in the three mosaic ponds. An etched concrete wall, with a design depicting the grevillea juniperina, forms a backdrop to the water feature. I collaborated with local indigenous artist Robyn Caughlan and ceramic artist Tracie Bertram to create two mosaic walls (20 meters in length) welcoming visitors to the Village Green. The words “Warami Ngallawah Mittigar” mean “come in friend, sit down” in the Darug language. Throughout the project I worked closely with the Cultural Planning Coordinator and other members of Blacktown City Council Staff.


Nerine Martini: concept development, art planning, creator of bronze sculptures and sandblasted concrete wall

Jacinta Tobin: concept research

Robyn Caughlan: mosaic design

Tracie Bertram: mosaic design and creation


Blacktown Village Green is a new urban development in the heart of Blacktown in Western Sydney. The Village Green is located at 62 Flushcombe Road, adjacent the Blacktown City Council and opposite the Blacktown City Library.

Photography: Jenny Pollak

Bronze casting: Crawford's Foundry, Sydney