Nerine Martini

Field of Dreams
Collaboration with Le Thua Tien 2006

Community Art Installation, Wentworth Falls Lake, Blue Mountains, NSW.

Materials: Yupo Paper (waterproof paper form Japan), Bamboo skewers

A Community Art Installation created for Songlines Arts and Environment Festival, Blue Mountains.

The origami waratah flowers were made by members of the Blue Mountains community. People have written their dreams and hopes onto the origami flowers; on mass these represent the collective dreams of the community. This project was first conceived by Vietnamese artist Le Thua Tien during his 2002 artist residency in Japan where 3000 white origami lotus flowers were made. Nerine Martini developed this project in collaboration with Le Thua Tien to focus on the significance of the waratah flower within Australian culture and make a cultural comparison between the waratah flower and the lotus flower. Displayed together in a field in the Blue Mountains the thousands of origami lotus and waratah flowers symbolised the meeting of cultures, people and place.

Photography: Cath Barcan

Design of the Songlines Festival Postcard: Clare Martin