Nerine Martini

The Boat
Dwellings Detail
Migration Project

Commissioned by Wollongong City Council, with contributions from many local businesses, the series of sculptural artworks celebrate and honour the contribution that migrants have made to the social, cultural and economic fabric of the City of Wollongong.

The Migration Project comprises two separate artworks located at George Dodd Reserve in North Wollongong.

The Boat is a contemporary landmark sculpture. The symbol of the boat is a compelling reminder of the journey that migrants have made in search of a better life. Constructed mainly from steel, the artworks reference the industry and business that many of the migrants helped to establish in the Wollongong area.The 4m long stainless steel skeletal boat form is elevated on rusted steel I-beams which evolve into ladders more than 5 meters in the air. The base of the sculpture is made from granite stone tiles etched with evocative stories and images adding a further layer of meaning to the artwork.

• The three posts are collectively entitled Dwellings, they reference the accommodation for migrants when they first arrived in Wollongong: sheds, caravans and the Nissen huts. The beautiful timber posts are recycled ironbark, which originally came from a bridge in northern NSW. This artwork reflects the story of humble beginnings, hard work and contribution to family and community life.

Thanks to the generous in-kind support from the many businesses who contributed to the fabrication and Installation of the artworks. The Migration Project was launched in January 2015.